Giselle Minns is a multi-award winning soprano, songwriter, pianist and cellist.

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Opera Singer Nominated for Hollywood Award
Press Department - Inside Ottawa Valley, Ottawa, Canada

Imagine if you can, a mix of Filippa Giordano, Sarah Brightman, Emma Shapplin, with a darker tinge à la Enya, all done with a powerful, classicaly trained voice and supported by strong, dramatic and emotional music, and you should get a clear picture of what Giselle sounds like.
Jean-Yves Duperron - Classical Music Sentinel Album Review, Toronto, Canada

“Though award-winning Canadian cellist, pianist and soprano Giselle Minns has already had quite a storied classical career as a professional opera singer, her crossover album, "Turning Circles" , should appeal to electronica-heads and new age music fans alike”
Press Department - Rumblefish Newsletter, Toronto, Canada

“Most memorable are the strong presence, the rich virtuosic voice of the delightful Giselle Minns, a voice capable just as much as power as of delicacy, and perfectly even throughout the large register; all these qualities rendered the role of Marie believable”
Press Department - Express Newspaper, London, UK

“Caro Nome should have been encored...exquisite interpretation...her sublime pianissimi in Tutte le Feste will linger long in the memory”
Press Department - Newbury Weekly News, Newbury, UK

“Classicaltronica: the fusion of classical and electronic music, and the genre created by Ottawa opera singer Giselle Minns”
Press Department - The Winchester Press, Winchester, Canada

"Stars of the show....Giselle Minns....exuded dramatic confidence"
Press Department - Spectator Magazine, London, UK


“Her poignant performance of Et incarnatus est displayed not only her splendid coloratura and clarity of phrasing but also her intelligence and sensitivity to the Mozart style”
Press Department - Orange Paw Entertainment Newsletter,  Ontario, Canada


"We enjoyed your performance very much...and (you) have an admirable control and conviction"
Press Department - Royal Opera House (Covent Garden), London, UK

Lost opera staged again after 300 years
Press Department - The Guardian Newspaper, London, UK


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