THE SUPERSTAR - $1750 USD for a 4 week online course.
You will receive a huge amount of fantastic information and support during your 4 weeks.

Daily one hour, one-on-one, with me.
This is where we will be working together on your skills as per below.
 -   Mondays: Performing: Coaching and advice to improve confidence, communication and technique.
 -   Tuesdays: The Binder. 9 topics discussed every Tuesday, and goals set to be achieved over the week.
 -   Wednesdays: Meditation and personalized visualization and mantra for the week.
 -   Thursdays: Music writing, coaching and technique to improve skills and develop your unique style.
 -   Fridays: Weekly recap, including a performance, and setting up the strategies for the following week.

There will also be two small-group workshops per week of 90 minutes:
 -  The first one will be where you will perform your music, gaining positive feedback and ask any questions or challenges that you may have had during the week.
 -  The second one will be a small-group songwriting session, where you will get to write a song together, combining all of your skills and individual musical ideas into one song. You will all own equal rights to this track and can release it yourselves, as you will all have the skillset and ability to do this after your 4 weeks.

Emails will be sent to you on a daily basis, checking up on your activities and giving you moral support and guidance where you need it to make sure that you are reaching your goals.
You can also email Giselle with any questions or concerns.

We are here for you.

THE MUSICIAN - $100 USD for 60 minutes one-on-one.
One-on-one sessions with Giselle crammed with information and advice, including:
 -   Vocal technique.
 -   Performance technique and communication skills.
 -   Career information and mentorship.
 -   Mindset techniques.

THE WRITER GROUP - $20 USD for 60 minutes group workshop
Weekly 1 hour group workshops led by Giselle.
 -  You will be put into different groups on line, to write songs together based on the following information - strengths, weaknesses, writing experience, what you would like to focus on and genre.
 -  You will be able to write with people from all over the world, and can continue to write together even after the 60 mins is up!
 -  Giselle will go between your groups advising and monitoring during the hour.
 -  You will own equal rights to the songs within your groups, and may release them whenever you like.

If you have any questions or want more information please contact us here